Suzanne Parr, Graphic Designer

Designing is my passion! Riverside Graphics and Web Design is built on a strong desire to watch businesses grow and to be part of that experience. My first job was within a small medical device company that I watched grow into a medium-sized public company. Being a part of that was an awe-inspiring experience!

I have always cherished beautiful creations, whether it is nature, art, photography, interior design, clothing, etc. Having the skill to create materials, either digitally or for print, that will communicate for your business and display your message is a rewarding experience.

My background is in Business Administration, Project Management and Quality Assurance.
My design skills are in Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash). I also have desktop publishing experience in Microsoft Publisher and all Windows based applications.

The name Riverside Graphics and Web Design comes from my love to go boating with my family and friends on the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. I seem to always have new inspirations for my work after a journey on the river.


Ken Coughenour, Web Developer

I have a knack for technology! 15 years ago, I took computer programming classes and studied web development. I have always enjoyed that kind of work and used that skill whenever the opportunity was presented to me. It became somewhat of a hobby for me, but I lacked the creativity needed to put my skills to any practical use.

When Suzanne told me she was starting Riverside Graphics and Web Design, I knew I could provide support by applying my hobby and skill. I also knew that she possessed the creative skills that I lacked, so I revisited my web development experience. I find the work challenging and suitable to my perfectionist nature. Technology is ever-changing, so I do what I can to stay on top of the game with adapting to the latest trends. My skills are in HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery.

Whatever your company is looking for in a website, or other technical avenue, we will figure out how to apply it to your satisfaction.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe make a great team!


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